We are small but like to do big things

Claudia and Rudy, were young when their love blossoms, she worked as sales representative for a well-known company dealing abroad for the automotive sector, he worked as restorer of cultural heritage. Grown in northern Italy, together with their two children Anna and Pietro, they decided to move to Val di Noto. The desire to live more intensely by returning to the origins makes its way and so Luccicamare came to light. Family-run B&B, intierly managed by us, an intimate place where you can find peace, surrounded by typical sicilian country side, we dare to define it magical, unique light and scents.

Luccicamare B&B Avola room
Luccicamare B&B Avola outsideLuccicamare B&B Avola detailsLuccicamare B&B Avola details
Luccicamare B&b Avola common area

We have chosen and shaped wood in several ways

we have chosen and worked on it, letting ourselves be inspired by Moroccan and Arab influences

We lost ourselves among almond groves and millenary olive trees

looking at the sea from here, we planted our roots. The b & b is surrounded by 3 hectares of land. Inspired by the volumes of the Aeolian cubic structures with ethnic-Mediterranean influences

We focus on our guest’s privacy

we are equipped exclusively with 3 rooms with private dehor space with table and sun beds, a common area surrounded by greenery and a large sea and mountains views, from sunrise to sunset

Luccicamare B&b Avola outside

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